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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Summer Vacation Part I

My summer vacation is coming to an end. I swear, I should live in Europe where they get like six weeks off in the summer. Now that's the way to live and enjoy life. I did indeed have a nice, long two weeks off to spend with my family and friends. I crammed a lot into two weeks and it felt like I did a lot with my kids, my husband and my friends but it was also so relaxing not to have to wake up and go to work either.

So my first week off started out in Michigan. We rented a beach house for a week, brought the dog and the kids, visited with family and friends who were up there, soaked in the sun at the beach and visited some cute little beach towns.

Here is a summary of our trip and funny pictures!

Spending time with Grandma watching the sunset (Peyton is quite the character).

Adler even got to come on vacation. If you know us, you know we try to bring her everywhere we can. She's my girl and I smuggled a new toy and treats into our cart at the grocery store for her. Hey, the kids got shirts, she should get something too!

Never mind trying to get Hailey to smile, we need Peyton to quit making funny faces when trying to take a nice picture of our family!

This child is going to be my greatest challenge. But I can't help but love every bit of her stubbornness, sarcasm and wit.  She reminds me of me, only better!

My master creator. I am sure he's going to be an engineer, architect or something similar. He loves to create (and rope his dad into building sand castles).

The first time playing mini golf together. Austen got three holes in one and beat me! I was playing for real too! The kid's a ringer. I think he's good at every sport he tries. Peyton was a great sport too and enjoyed her first mini golf experience. Austen begged us to play again every day after.

Hailey loves the sand. Not cold Lake Michigan so much but that's growing on her too. Give us another summer or two and we'll turn her into a beach baby like the other two.

Perfect family photo of the kids and Adler, but Peyton "accidentally" steps on Austen's cut foot.

Papa came to visit and we went to this cute little restaurant in downtown Douglas called the Wild Dog Grille. Best meal of our vacation.

Last day there and we had to wear coats.  Hailey was taking the picture. Ha! Ha!

Stay tuned for more from our exciting be continued.


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