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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

9 Months Old and....

as happy as can be! Well, almost Hailey had a bit if a rough week with more teeth coming in. She wasn't sleeping that well which meant we weren't sleeping that well. She wasn't eating that much and sometimes the poor girl was just inconsolable. Then the congestion starts and she can't breathe very well. There isn't much you can do for a baby when that starts. Prop up her mattress, vapor rub, saline drops, suction her nose and a little ibuprofen for the teeth. Doesn't seem to help all that much so you just have to wait it out. Luckily last night she turned a corner. Only woke up once and she was breathing better this morning when I checked on her before I left this morning. Hopefully, some if those teeth will be making their appearance soon!

At 9 months old, Hailey is sometimes starting to push up on all fours - a start to the beginning stages of crawling. She eats well and really likes all of her food (aside from peas). She still loves her siblings. Austen takes care of her while the three are riding across the back in the car. Peyton looks out the window, not all that interested in helping her if she is fussing or needs her pacifier. 

She has started to talk aka babble more and likes to be loud when she does. Peyton likes to read her books which Hailey also loves.

My youngest is growing up quick already. I can barely believe that soon we will be celebrating her first birthday!


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