Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hailey Turns 8 Months

Hailey is starting to grow up! She is now 8 months old. She can sit up, she is eating her baby food (she only does not like peas), she is actively playing with her baby toys. Her favorites are a big cube with lots to do and Elmo! She likes to watch him dance. 

She also is developing a little personality. Peyton took a toy away from her. She screamed. Peyton promptly gave it back. She knows when one of us leaves the room. I hate this when she is up before I leave for work in the morning and I have to say goodbye to her and I can hear her crying as I walk down the stairs (even though Tom is right next to her). I am sure it doesn't last long but it still sucks.

Hailey is still a stomach sleeper and still has her dark hair. It has grown in thick and even. She may be my one brunette. I will take it as she is stunning with piercing  blue eyes. 

Hard to imagine in just four short months, we will be celebrating her turning one.


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