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Monday, June 09, 2014

Sporty Austen

This spring, we spent our time running from soccer game to baseball game to soccer game. Austen played on three teams this spring. Rec soccer, traveling soccer and baseball. He practiced four days a week and never complained about going to practice. In fact, he only complained when he didn't have enough time to continue to play after practice or a game. When all the kids ran to the park after practice or the game, Austen would be kicking the ball in the goal or throwing pop ups to himself or begging us to play with him.

It's safe to say that Austen likes sports! He doesn't discriminate between sports either. Ask him to choose and he'll say he likes them all. As my only boy, that makes me very happy even though Peyton or Hailey could turn out to be my athletes too and that would be just fine with me.

So this means that my life as a soccer or baseball mom or whatever sport Austen chooses has begun.  The running him around to practices or games; the constant laundry to clean a uniform before the next game and get out the grass stains (no wonder my mom was so good at getting out everything - she had a lot of practice!); the snack mom; the deciding which game he should attend if he has conflicts;  and the sideline coaching (can't help myself in soccer!).  I love it all and I'm sure, like my parents, I will miss it when my children are grown. So for now, I'm going to savor every minute.


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