Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

That's My Girl

I have three of them. Adler. Peyton. Hailey. But I am talking about Peyton. Is she me when I was her age? Maybe. But she is very definitely her own person. Here are some of my favorite Peyton actions from the last few weeks:

"Peyton, you can't have four cookies for dessert. Put at least one back please." No response but she quickly takes a bite of each cookie so she can't return any.

"Peyton, that is enough marshmallows for tonight." She reaches her hand in the bag and stuffs two more big ones in her mouth.

"Austen, why do you have that stick in the lock on the outdoor chest?" It needs to be there, he says. Okay. Two minutes later, Peyton grabs the stick runs to the other side of the deck and throws it off. Austen melts down.

"Austen and Peyton, let's go down the water slide at the pool." Austen shakes his head and cowers away. Peyton follows her brother's lead until we can convince her it's fun and she is braver than Austen. Takes us less than five minutes to do. She loves it. The sibling pressure has Austen now try it. He loves it too. Success.

"Austen, we are going to the doctor after school today." Complete meltdown into tears crying, "I don't want shots!" "Peyton, we are going to the doctor after school." She simply asks, "Am I going to get shots? I don't know, I say honestly. I'll get shots she says. Because I don't want to die." She does and she doesn't cry (Austen thankfully didn't need any!)

This is just a glimpse of my beautiful, tough, independent, strong little girl who is growing up so fast. 


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