Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hailey Turns 7 Months Old

My baby turned 7 months old recently. I want to soak up these moments of her just being little. She is no longer a newborn; she's grown out of her 0-3 month clothes and stretching out her 3-6 ones. She has two new teeth, as I mentioned. Her hair is coming in thick and brown. Maybe I will have one brunette with piercing blue eyes. What a stunning combination! Add to that a beautifully, happy child who smiles all day long and adores her older brother and sister. One who watches her dog with interest and grabs fistfuls of her hair, lovingly of course!

Our sweet girl (as I call her and Adler - don't ask why I don't call Peyton that as that is a post for a different day when I can describe my sarcastic, feisty, strong-willed daughter who challenges me but whom I wouldn't have any other way!), has started to discover her hands and feet, trying to mimic how we wave bye bye. Tom is practicing DaDa with her and her babbling is more consistent now with similar sounds as her speech readies for prime time.

"Seven months old already!", I exclaimed the other day. Instead of counting the months, I will be counting the moments. The months go way too fast. The moments, they can live on in eternity.


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