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Monday, January 06, 2014

Xmas Recap

A little late but I have lots of pictures from Xmas that I need to post. It was a busy season and most people would say we were crazy for hosting a small Xmas Eve for eight; Xmas Day dinner for 17; and Peyton's birthday party for 25 all within a span of five days. Not to mention doing this with a 9-week old and having just moved into our house six weeks prior. Yes, we are crazy but somehow we pulled it off including driving to my mom's on Xmas morning about 30 minutes away to open presents with my family and have brunch then rushing back home before Tom's family arrived at 3pm.

Here's a recap of our Xmas.

A few days before Xmas, practicing our posing for the camera.

Xmas Eve before attending mass which we had to watch from a TV in the back of the church due to our new church being so small! As Uncle Mickey said, we could have watched this from home!

My sweet, little Hailey Kate on Xmas Eve.

The kids and Adler on Xmas morning. Austen wouldn't go downstairs until we did. Glad he isn't one of those kids (yet) who wakes us up at 5am! And, Peyton we had to wake up!

All of the cousins! Four girls and two boys. 

Another set of cousins on the other side of the family.

And another round of presents.

It was a busy, but fun time. Now, it's time to get back to school and work (which is delayed now for another day due to freezing temperatures!).


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