Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Life is Busy

Sorry I've been absent on here for almost two weeks. Unpacking, kids' activities and a newborn has received most of my time and attention.

On Wednesday, we'll have been in our new home almost four weeks. It has been the busiest four weeks that I have probably ever known. Unpacking is truly something I never want to have to do again and especially not with a newborn. The good news is that we are 90% unpacked and organized. It certainly is challenging though trying to get your house in order when you also have to decorate for the holidays! And, don't tell me that I don't have to do it this year because it certainly wouldn't feel like Christmas if I didn't and my kids would be truly disappointed (especially Austen).

Everyone is doing well though. The kids continue to act like they have lived in this house all of their lives and I have never seen Adler so happy and full of life - lounging in the grass or on our plush carpet and having space to run around in the house. As for me, I don't miss the city at all. At least not yet. I will probably miss it most when my commute doubles when I go back to work.

Tom on the other hand is enjoying his short commute. Much deserved after more than a decade of a long commute. As I write this, he is outside shoveling snow from our extra long driveway! I am sure he is loving being a homeowner and not a condo owner where you have a service take care of it for you!

Anyway, here are a few photos to catch you up on our activities over the last two weeks.

Some new neighbors brought over cookies and another neighbor brought us a plant. This place is like Mayberry!

Hailey Kate - Weighing 9lbs, 7 ounces at a 6-week old check up (yes, now she is 8 weeks old).

 Thanksgiving with my girls (minus Adler).

Christmas tree cutting and visit with Santa.

Peyton loves Santa.

Looking forward to making new holiday memories in our new house this season.


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