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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday "P"!

I am going to skip a Christmas post for now (maybe I'll post something later), but this week I just had to post about Peyton's (aka "P" as I call her) 4th birthday.

The partying began yesterday with a big family party at our new house. It was so nice to have space to spread out especially for the kids. In fact, I think I barely saw Peyton the whole party as she was playing in the finished basement or her bedroom with her cousins or other family.

This year, she wanted a Sophia the First birthday party, which is Disney's latest princess. I can't even count how many Sophia presents she received but thankfully none of them were character clothing which I really despise!

Peyton's favorite part of her whole birthday party was probably opening her presents and blowing out her candles. In fact, we had to repeat the blowing out the candles with another piece of cake today (her real birthday).

I can't believe my now middle child is 4.  She has grown into a very confident 4-year-old with a killer sense of humor and a dash of sarcasm to wit.  She has really blossomed these past few months attending a school that's all her own (not with Austen) and loving it.  She has also welcomed her baby sister so lovingly, embracing her role as big sister and wanting to hold and feed Hailey.

Today (her actual birthday), we continued the celebration by going out to breakfast, seeing a movie (Frozen) and then going out to dinner (Peyton made a request for pizza). She topped off the day by opening more presents and as previously mentioned, eating more cake and blowing out another candle.

Here's to many more candles my little "P."



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