Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, October 28, 2013

Life with Three Kids and a Dog

Life with three kids and a dog is pretty busy but add commuting back and forth to our new (not yet ready) home in the suburbs from the city for kids' school and activities and life gets a little crazier. I wonder why all my laundry and other items are getting all backed up!

I like order and staying on top of things but it's hard when you spend most of the day in your car and that includes feeding and changing Hailey. Still, I feel like we are doing a good job handling all the back and forth and am counting the days until we move in (Nov. 12 now).

Hailey continues to take it all in stride and is a pretty easy baby thus far. Austen and Peyton are the ones that prove to be challenging. Ever since the start of the school year, they have started to get on each other's nerves. One minute they'll be playing great together and the next they'll be fighting. It's a vacation to just have Hailey while those two are at school!

We are all doing well and the house is slowly coming along. We took Adler out to the burbs with us on Sunday and she got out of the car already seeming like she knew this was going to be her forever home. She ran right to the back door and wanted to get in. It's strange how they say dogs just know things. She had a great time running in the backyard too - we're supposed to get the backyard sodded today so she'll like that even better than the dirt!

I'm sure she can't wait until we move in so she doesn't have to get walked twice a day! Lately, she has been refusing to go for longer weeks, but hey, she is almost 9! Here are a few pics of our brood from the last week or so.


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