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Monday, October 21, 2013

Peyton and Google

So this week was all about Peyton. We had her parent teacher conferences and they said she was doing really well and they could see her being a leader when she grows up because she already is in the classroom. I think that is code for bossy!  Nevertheless, I am sure the transition was easier for her to her new school because she was already familiar with the Montessori environment. I'm just glad she adjusted so well.

In other funny Peyton news, she has developed quite the personality and is a little practical joker. You ask her a question and she'll purposely answer wrong to see if you laugh. She also taunts her brother taking stuff she knows he will get upset over like his leftover coins from his Chuck E Cheese birthday party he went to or stepping on his Lego plane that he spent hours working on. 

She has also taken to stamping her feet and demanding things. I sure as heck don't know how she developed this part of her personality:) She also is a little sponge. Tom often talks to his phone instead of manually searching for items so he usually holds it to his mouth and says Google then Sophia or Cinderella or whatever video Peyton wants. The other day, Tom tells me that she says to him, "Daddy, say Google and then Sophia." It was just cute to hear a little kid say Google since she has no idea what that means! 

So I'm sure you're wondering if she is interested in Hailey.  A little bit but really neither Austen or Peyton are all over her which is good. Peyton likes to put her germ-laden little fingers all over Hailey's pacifier, which drives me nuts but overall both kids continue to do their own thing stopping every so often to check out their little sister. Peyton did get some one-on-one time with Hailey this afternoon though since Austen was at a birthday party. She was a great big helper and only too glad to do it. I can't wait to see their sisterly bond grow. 


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