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Monday, December 23, 2013

Austen Helps a Little Old Lady

So a few weeks back Austen and I were killing some time with Hailey before picking up Peyton at school. We decided to pick up a few things at the grocery store by her school. Once out of the car, I was looking for a cart to put Hailey's car seat into instead of lugging her all the way to the door and then finding one. Right away, Austen spotted a cart but it had a lady's purse in it.

"Mom, look there's a purse in that cart," he proclaimed while I was busy juggling the car seat and my heavy diaper bag. Sure enough, there was no one around and someone had pushed their cart in between some cars and inadvertently left their purse.

I told Austen to bring the purse inside to customer service so he did. I let him do all the talking at the customer service counter. He was a little shy at first but then got into telling them the story of how he found the purse. After that we were on our way to do some shopping in the store.

About halfway through our shopping, a little old lady spotted us in an aisle and called out, "were you the boy that found my purse in the shopping cart?" Austen responded yes and the lady pulled a $10 bill from her purse and placed it in his hand. "This is for your piggy bank," she said. Austen didn't know if he should take it or not but the lady went on and on about how he saved her so many headaches because he found her purse and what a story she was going to have to tell her grandkids during the holidays.

It was a great lesson for Austen to learn and we couldn't have met a nicer old lady.  We were glad Austen found her purse!


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