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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Austen!

Hard to believe that my oldest child turned 7 on Saturday. At 7 years old, he's a happy kid who easily makes friends. He's sensitive and has a deep concern for others when they are hurt.  He loves to play any sport...and watch any too. He hates to lose, is strong in math and is finding he likes to read more and more (when prizes from the principal are involved!). He loves his sisters, plays with his dog and idolizes his dad. He loves to build with Legos, enjoys being outside and is afraid of things like sleepovers, having his bedroom door closed and older kids who hog the basketball (which after some coaching from me he stood up to by not passing them the ball and instead passed it to the kids who didn't get it that much).  He's growing up fast and learning new things every day. I miss picking him up from school and having our own time together (okay, Hailey was there but she doesn't talk much). I look forward to having that time again someday. Just me and him.

Here's how we celebrated my special 7 year old. We started off with presents.  Austen's favorite present that we gave him was his Chicago Bears helmet. He even let Peyton try it on. Then we went to brunch where Austen ordered his favorite french toast and Grandma and her husband helped him celebrate.

Then Papa came over and we went bowling. Papa got two strikes and won. I'm surprised Austen didn't cry over losing. He only cried when we had to leave because they were starting league bowling. He made us promise to go back tomorrow. Thankfully, he didn't bring that up today and we didn't remind him!

Finally, we went out to dinner to celebrate yet again and Austen ordered his favorite dinner - noodles with butter and he got a free cupcake with a candle.

He summed up his birthday by writing in his class's birthday journal.


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