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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Austen Starts His Soccer Season

Austen started his new soccer season last weekend in our new suburban town, playing with and against a lot of his new classmates.  It's great to see he's making friends on and off the field.

He really loved his old city team "Maroon 6" and was a little disappointed that he wasn't going to be playing with them again this fall/spring but he quickly got over that when he saw his cool new blue uniform and friendly faces from school. The sharks, as they are called, won both their first two games. Austen scored one goal in his first game which I believe was a 4-2 victory. He was a little hesitant as he usually is the first time he plays with a new team but by the second game you really saw the old Austen with even new skills and speed.

He loves to play defense but he certainly wasn't afraid to take the ball away from someone in the back and then take it all the way up the side beating a number of opposing players and then taking a nice shot on goal. He did this a number of times and the result was four goals by Austen on Saturday.  So many they took him out of the game to give other kids a chance. I think the final score was 7-3 or 7-4. At this age, he's a good passer too, earning an assist and kicking the ball to another teammate who had a breakaway but ended up missing.

He's working on his throw ins which are getting much better and controlling the ball with his body if it is kicked up in the air. He's still a bit afraid of headers but we are still working on them and none of the kids are really doing them yet.

Peyton can't wait to play next year when she turns 4. She's told me she wants a pink or purple shirt. I hope she's not disappointed if she doesn't get those cool girl colors! After all it's about playing, not about the color of the uniform, Peyton!


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