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Sunday, July 14, 2013

House Update

The house construction is finally moving along. Hopefully only six more weeks until we move in. Fingers crossed. Lots to do over the next six weeks that's for sure.  

Last weekend the first floor and basement were complete but the rooms on the first floor weren't framed out yet. Here are some photos from last weekend. 

Front of house - first floor.

Back of house. You're seeing a big deck on top of the garage that's located directly behind the house due to our deep lot and then the first floor (which almost looks like a second floor).

Here's the straight shot from our front door to the back from last weekend too.

From the back looking out the front door.

In one week, the first floor rooms have been framed, the second floor has been added and part of the roof/dormers have been put on.

Here is an updated view of the back from this weekend. 

And, here is the front from this weekend. Notice the one dormer - for those of you who don't know it's going to be a Georgian style home. Very traditional brick. I've liked that style since I was a little kid. Lucky for me, Tom liked it too!

Can't wait to see all of the progress from this week.  I won't be out there again for about two weeks from now so I'm sure it will look totally different. But slowly my excitement is building to actually have a house, more space and some peace and quiet. However, I'm sure I will be cursing my commute to work! 


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