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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Little Slugger

This week, I was going to give an update on the construction of our new house but progress is moving more slowly than we expected at this point.  Hopefully we'll have some new photos with some framing done for next week's post.

So, this week you'll have to settle for Austen's baseball season in review.  This year, some moms from Austen's soccer team tipped me off to a great baseball league so I signed him up and like soccer, couldn't have been happier. They practice and play once a week, the coaches are great and the kids are all soon to be first graders. Austen has grown progressively better at catching. He's probably one of the best on the team and he's a good hitter too. They play coach pitch. So when kids can't hit the ball after a few pitches, they then hit off the tee. After 9 weeks, Austen has only had to hit off the tee once. That means on average he's hit 26/27 at bats.

He's got a great arm but needs some work on aim. For the most part, he pays attention when they're playing which is hard for even us parents to do since baseball with 6 year olds is so slow! He likes to play first base, second base and pitcher (behind the coach who pitches). Here are some pictures of our little athlete in action:

In the "ready" position at first base.

He hit one over the infielders' heads to the grass in this picture.

Use two hands, his coach always reminds him.

After a hit, running to first base.


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