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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Austen Loses His First Tooth

A few weeks ago, Austen mentioned that his teeth were hurting him. So I took a look at his mouth and noticed two second teeth growing in behind his two bottom front baby teeth. The baby teeth were loose but hadn't fallen out yet.

It took a few more weeks of wiggling, eating apples and corn on the cob for it to fall out. It happened at school during lunch. Austen said he was eating chicken and all of a sudden his tooth just fell out on his plate. He was so excited. His teacher wrapped up his tooth for safe keeping and put it in his locker.

That day after school, I had to pick Austen up at the park instead of school as his class went to play there. I checked his locker when I picked up Peyton at school and grabbed the little brown envelope I saw in his locker and threw it in his backpack. I had no idea what it was. When I picked him up, I noticed right away his tooth had fallen out. He was so excited but then was worried I hadn't gotten his tooth out of his locker. I assured him I had if it was in that little brown envelope.

He then went home to write a letter to the tooth fairy where he told her his tooth had fallen out during lunch at school and that she had beautiful wings. We placed his tooth on his nightstand in a cute little keepsake box for her to come and get.

Imagine Austen's surprise the next morning when he got money and a championship Blackhawks t-shirt (who just won the Stanley Cup late the evening before). He was all smiles and I can only imagine what he told his class about the tooth fairy that day! 


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