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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Austen's Last Soccer Game

 Hard to believe Austen's two seasons of soccer with AYSO 418 (the city league) have come to an end. Saturday was his last game with his Maroon Six teammates.  In the Fall, he's all signed up for our new town's AYSO league so he'll be leaving behind his old team and joining a new one. My heart breaks a little for him as he has really enjoyed playing with this group of six boys. The coaches were wonderful, the parents great and the kids were just a really nice group of boys.

I've really enjoyed watching him learn the past two seasons.  He truly loves soccer and wants to be better which makes him so coachable. This season he's worked on his throw ins, chest traps and heading the ball. He's learning how to take corner kicks, passing and marking other players.

He usually always scores a goal or even two at his games, but what I am most proud of him doing is executing what we worked on during the week at the game and passing to his teammates.  There's no I in team and Austen is most certainly an unselfish player at this age, but one who knows when to take the right shots too. I can't take the credit for teaching him that, he just knows. Although it might be from watching his two big cousins' games.  At an early age, he would sit and observe their play. I'm sure he stored away some of that for his playing days.

I look forward to watching many more of his games rain or shine in the future.


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