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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Austen's Handwriting

The other day when I picked Austen up from school. He was so excited to show me his work from that day. But before he could, one of his friends couldn't contain himself and blurted out that the teacher said it was better than her own.

It took me a minute to catch on to what they were talking about as Austen pulled out a piece of paper from his locker with carefully hand written words and sentences all over it. The handwriting was impeccable - better than most people I know! I examined it closer to make sure it was really his and I noticed the slight curl he gives his lowercase Ts at the bottom and a similar tail on his lowercase As. I knew then that this was really his paper. It looked like a work of art. In fact, I'm sure he treated it like that as he loves to draw and emulate exactly what he's seeing.

The best part was that he could hardly contain his excitement that his teacher had sent him to show the principal and she actually made a photocopy of his paper and wrote "lovely" up in the left-hand corner.

I'm sure she is going to say to prospective kindergarten parents the same thing that I would say - hard to believe that this is a kindergartener's handwriting!


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