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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Last Vacation for 2013

It seems like the first half of 2013 was all about vacations, especially for Tom and me. We started out in January by visiting Austin, Tx, then Tom went skiing in Colorado in February. In March, we were off to Hawaii and in May, I went to Mexico. So it was only appropriate that in June we traveled to Key West, Florida.  We rented a little house and enjoyed our last true vacation as a family of four before we expand to five in October.

Papa took care of Adler. Thankfully. She would have died in the heat down there. It was so hot! You didn't even want to be outside unless you were in the pool or the ocean. But the kids had fun splashing around in our pool in the backyard; had fun finding and chasing all the geckos in the lush green foliage; enjoyed some ice cream that melted to soup in two minutes; and enjoyed seeing all of the boats. Here are a few pictures from our travels last week:

Rented house above.

Quality dinner time below.

Find the gecko in this picture.

Taking a break from pool time to color.

More pool time.

Posing for some pictures.

Smathers Beach, Key West

Last day picture in front of our house taken by Austen. Peyton wanted to be in it too but then wanted to drink her water.

The Southernmost Point - close to Cuba - 90 miles. Would you believe there was a 10 minute long line to get this photo in the sweltering 90 degree heat. (No cutting for the pregnant woman!)


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