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Monday, May 27, 2013

House Update

So after what seemed like forever (but what I'm told was actually quick), we finally secured the permit to demolish the teardown on the lot of our future home.  Construction has been happening for probably the last month while they cleared the lot and prepared the house for demolition. It was finally torn down, a bigger hole was dug, and then went in the new foundation. Hopefully by the end of next week, we're going to start see it come out of the ground and then the real progress begins.

We've started picking out kitchen appliances and cabinets as well as some furniture too. We're awash in color swatches, faucets and other hardware.  We've signed Austen up for school, soccer and CCD. Peyton's signed up for school and I'm on the hunt for gymnastics, swimming and ballet for her. There's lots more to do but we are trying to stay ahead of the game.  It's going to be one busy summer!

Hard to believe we only have three months left in the city. I might miss the proximity to my work but other than that, I don't think I'll miss it all that much.  And, if I do, it's a short drive down for dinner or some other fun activity.


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