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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter...a Little Late

So this weekend is Greek Easter.  That's what I was waiting for to post my Easter shots of the kids. Okay, really I forgot until I found them on my camera and realized that I hadn't uploaded them to the computer.  So here's a recap of our Easter.

The day started off with an Easter egg hunt indoors at our house in the city.

From there we ventured to one Grandma's house for a very competitive Easter egg hunt complete with uncles and cousins. Competitive Austen got paired with my very competitive older brother who hasn't lost an Easter egg hunt yet.  It came down to a final call and Austen almost was in tears while Grandma decided the victor but he held it together and was a winner. His reward - iTunes gift card and a big Easter basket (okay, Peyton got one too).

From there we went to the other Grandma's house where playing the yard was once again a highlight. This Grandma had sent fun Easter decorations for the windows which the kids arranged.

The kids would partake in an Easter egg hunt year-round if they could. In fact, they do. It's one of their favorite games to play - us hiding the plastic eggs around the house and them having to find them.  You'd think that would take some of the fun out of Easter when it actually rolls around but if anything, it just makes them even more skilled at finding the eggs!


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