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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our New House

It's official. We are moving to the suburbs.  After 15 years of living in the city, we are making the move to the suburbs just in time for Austen to start first grade.  I must say I'm ready. Ready for much more space and a backyard.

We've been stalking a specific area of the western suburbs for some time but only recently expanded our search and then narrowed it down again. We did a lot of research re: schools, community, commutes for both of us and just general feel of where we fit in best. I like to joke that we could move to our new suburb with our 9 year old Acura SUV and we would fit in fine.  In the other town we were considering, I think I would have to have a brand new Range Rover before I could move in. So that factored into my choice a lot.

So where are we with all this?  We had our offer accepted on Peyton's birthday, Dec. 30, and closed on Feb. 20.  It is a teardown so Tom has designed it and we are in the permit process right now but it's looking like the actual house on the current lot will be torn down this week and we'll start building.

Cute story - Austen thinks that he and his dad drew the house (Austen's drawing above) so he refers to it as the drawings they drew when Tom talks about the house.  I do think that kid is going to be an architect or an engineer or something similar to Tom's profession when he grows up.  He's a whiz at Legos (the really hard ones that are above his age) and he likes to draw and is good at math.

Anyway, the plan is for the house to be built over the course of the next six months and then we will move in mid to end of August before the start of the school year.  It hardly seems real that Adler will finally have a yard and I can send Austen outside to play soccer or basketball instead of next to my China cabinet.

We'll post pictures and updates as progress is made but just wanted to share the good news.


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