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Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm Not Peyton!

Peyton has been very into dressing up ever since she could figure out how to put on clothes and shoes.  She often goes into Austen's room and puts on any dress up clothes he has as well as a mismatch of shoes from his closet and any zip up sweatshirts she can find. She likes to put them on all at once as is evidenced by this picture!

So for Xmas, she received various princess dresses for dress up. She loves coming home after school and heading for her bedroom so she can try them all on. In fact, lately she has been telling us after she puts on her dress up clothes that "I'm not Peyton! I'm a princess!" Or sometimes she'll say "I'm Cinderella!"  The other day I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she responded, "Cinderella!"

There is no shortage of love for the princesses in our house that's for sure although she does enjoy wearing her brother's shoes, sweatshirts and anything else she can find to put on.  In fact, if you leave her in her room unattended, she's likely to come out with an entirely new outfit after rifling through her drawers! I'm in trouble. I made it to age 6 with Austen and he still wears whatever I put out for him. Peyton has been picking out her pajamas since she turned 3 because she insists on choosing her own clothes and this is a good compromise since there is no way I'm letting her pick out her own clothes.  I guess I'm okay with it since no one can see what she's wearing when she's sleeping!


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