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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Day of Sledding

Once again this year, we haven't had much snow.  But we did get some on Friday so we thought we best take advantage of the last possible weekend we had to partake in a winter activity.  We were going to take the kids skiing but that seemed like a lot of work for a few hours of actual skiing and Austen had baseball tryouts right smack in the middle of the afternoon so we had to cancel those plans.

Instead we decided to go sledding.  The kids were beyond excited since they have been talking about it for weeks.  We trekked out to the suburbs to our new soon to be suburban town (more on that in a future post) to try out a little sledding hill close to our new house.

It was the perfect size for our kids.  They were able to go up and down by themselves easily and they got a lot of runs in as it wasn't crowded.  Tom even saw one of his old roommates on the sledding hill who lives nearby. Small world.

 The only drawback was that I had to blow up this inner tube sled and it took me almost the whole time we were there to blow it up so the kids had to share.  It didn't matter for the first 20 minutes anyway as Peyton claimed she was scared and didn't want to go down the hill. After awhile, she wanted to try and you could hear her laughing the whole way down the hill.  And, when she got to the bottom, she was saying, "I want to do it again!"  We had a great morning, enjoying the sledding and time with our kids in our new town while the sun shined and Adler also got to enjoy the snow.


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