Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adler Update

Thanks for all of the concern about Adler.  I know that last week's post was not what a lot of people were expecting to read but one that was a clear depiction of what our life had been like that week.  This week was week two for Adler and she is still not back to normal.

She hasn't thrown up for almost a week now but she has continued to have major intestinal issues that has caused whatever she eats to run right through her.  So she's eaten a lot of rice and chicken this past week mixed in with Pepto Bismal and Immodium AD.  The meds seem to help but as soon as she is off them and I try to mix in regular food to her diet again, she's right back to where she was before...sick as a dog - no pun intended. Both the neurologist and her vet said to ride it out, it's likely some viral infection that has to run its course but seriously about 10 days in counting now is a long time!

Not to mention that Tom was out of town the last five days and between doing double duty - taking the kids to school and picking them up; walking Adler before and after work and making sure she was okay all the while trying to keep my day job, left me exhausted.  It also made me wonder how moms whose husbands are out of town maintain a full time job and still do it all. I know so many who have quit work because of out of town husbands and I can totally see why. It was purely exhausting. Not to mention Adler waking me up in the middle of the night to go outside.  (I guess I'd rather have her do that than have a mess on my floor or carpet to clean up in the morning!)

Anyway, I'm hoping that this week Adler is on the road to recovery.  Tom's back so at least that will make it a lot easier.


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