Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, March 04, 2013

Their First Snowman

Since we don't live in the suburbs yet, our kids haven't had the pleasure of building a snowman in our backyard.  But, this weekend they were at Grandma's and even though it's March, there was snow (and more coming) so they could build a giant snowman.

Here's Austen's work of art.  I think Peyton helped a little bit too. My mom said that Austen wanted to be outside for hours playing in the snow and checking on his snowman (he woke up the next morning and wanted to check on it to make sure it was still there. It was!) That kid loves to be outside.  He can't wait to go back next weekend and build a fort around it with the even more snow we are expected to get this week. 

Can you tell this kid can't wait until he has his very own backyard in the suburbs?  Only six more months, Austen.


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