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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peyton's Ballet Recital

I started ballet when I was 4. I know you're probably thinking, she doesn't seem like the ballet type, but I actually went on to take classes for the next two years. Anyway, I remember my first "recital." It must've been in the evening because I remember it was dark outside.  I also earned a nickname after my performance - "Little Miss Itch."  Turns out I would do my ballet move and then scratch, perform another move and scratch again, and repeat. I don't remember that part but I guess it's true because I've seen the video (okay film back then).  The highlight of the evening was of course having my parents all to myself for the evening and of course going to Dunkin' Donuts afterwards!

All these memories came rushing back to me last week, when Peyton performed in her first ballet "recital." I put it in quotes because she's 3 and it really was just an opportunity for parents to view the last class of the year and see what the girls had been working on throughout their 8-week session. (No fancy tutus or make up on too young faces.) Still they made the girls feel like it was a big deal and Tom came through with flowers for Peyton for after the performance. Austen even wanted to see Peyton perform (if his dad was coming too - he didn't want to be the only boy at the performance.)

Here are a few pictures and a video of Peyton's performance.


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