Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, May 13, 2012

When is it Kids Day?

Usually we spend Mother's Day honoring our moms by driving from house to house and it not really feeling like it's a day for me. This year was different. I enjoyed a spa day and dinner with my mom on Saturday, and on Sunday morning, I got to sleep in. I also got breakfast made for me and time to enjoy the day with just our family. We went to the bookstore so I could pick out a new book and strolled through a couple of stores at an outside mall. The day was beautiful and it was exactly how I wanted to spend Mother's Day. Austen and Peyton were well aware it was Mother's Day today and a day to honor me although I'm not so sure that impacted their behavior but it sure was cute when Tom said that I get to choose what we were doing because it was Mother's Day. Austen promptly replied, "Awwww....when is it going to be kids day so we get to choose what we want to do?" Hey, Austen, everyday is kids is all about you and your sister and Adler! That's why we had you!


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