Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hey Batter Batter!

This year we signed Austen up for a different baseball league. His friends all played in this league last year and they raved about the mini Wrigley Field stadium complete with astro turf and cute uniforms. So last Saturday I sat outside for his first game in the rain (seriously, I didn't think they let 5 year olds play in the rain!) and thought this is the first of many years I will probably be sitting in the rain watching my kids playing something! Anyway, Austen did great. He is one of the older kids so he dominated the game - scooping up the ball and running kids down who were headed to first to tag them out. I wanted him to be more of a team player so I was telling him he needed to throw the ball to first but when he did that the first baseman missed so the next time he decided to roll it to him! He got some great hits too and even slid into home plate! I think he's going to have a fun season!


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