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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Austen Turns 5

I always told my mom that it's sort of like her birthday too when my brothers and I have our birthdays since she was the one giving birth to us. I feel like that with Austen and Peyton too. Those days were such huge, life-changing events for us that celebrating him turning five takes me back to the night before when we went to the hospital and those snapshots of memories I have in my mind from that day. I can't believe that was five years ago.

Austen turned five this week and celebrated the whole week long. First, we took him to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe with Papa. This was his request - actually he said I want to go to the restaurant with the frogs. We drive by it at least once a week when Tom drives me to work and he remembers that we went there for his birthday last year. Anyway, he loved the elephants and even petted them. He liked the gorillas too but wouldn't pet them according to Papa. Maybe it was because Papa faked the gorilla biting off his finger! Peyton on the other hand clung to me for dear life the entire meal. She did not like the elephants! The good part of this was I actually had an enjoyable meal without having to keep her from wanting to roam the restaurant.

Wednesday, Austen's actual birthday kicked off with muffins at school where they celebrated by singing happy birthday complete with five hip, hip hoorays! That evening, Austen got to go to his first Chicago Bulls basketball game with his dad and Uncle Bob and Aunt Maria.

Just when you are thinking his birthday has to be over, he had to enjoy his birthday party with his friends on Saturday. They made stuffed animals, people or whatever they wanted. Austen requested a cookie cake as he tells me he doesn't like regular cake especially the frosting!

I think he had a good birthday week and I for one am glad all the celebrating is done and I have nothing to plan for the next 10 months of the year!


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