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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Here's Two Peyton!

On Friday, Peyton turned two. And since this year we didn't jet set off to somewhere after the holidays, we decided to have a day of fun things to do on her special day.

We started the morning off by going to breakfast (really the cleaning ladies were coming and we had to get out of the house and breakfast was the perfect excuse). We then headed to the theater where we saw a late morning children's play based on the book "Give a Cat a Cupcake" - one of her favorites. I wasn't sure how Peyton would do considering the play was 45 minutes long and she was potty training (more on that in a future post). But she did great. She sat through the whole performance (and didn't wet her pants!).

From there we headed home for lunch, a nap and then headed out again to do last minute errands in preparation for her birthday party with friends and family the next day. We capped off her birthday with dinner out and cupcakes at home.

Her party was a great success. I didn't see Peyton most of the time (which wasn't very helpful in the potty training department) but she had a lot of fun with her friends and family at a children's play space that had a family room for the adults to hang out in while the kids were playing.

She got lots of presents from all her great friends and family and I'm thinking that we need a much larger house just to fit all the presents from her birthday and Christmas! All in all, she enjoyed her birthday - definitely knew it was her day. And only today did we break it to her after she started singing happy birthday to herself that her birthday is now over and Austen's is next. She looked disappointed at first but changed her tune to happy birthday Austen!


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