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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Who is This Kid?

I'm talking about Peyton. She definitely has entered the terrible twos and is giving us a run for our money. The past two weeks she has been especially challenging and what worked for Austen does not work for her. It just goes to show you how different two kids can be.

First, the potty training. Austen potty trained at 25 months in three days and just got it. Peyton had all the signs that Austen did not that showed she was ready like wanting to sit on the potty and being able to talk. She clearly understands the concept but it took her a lot longer and it is still a work in progress. More like two weeks before she went dry for a whole day. But she has gotten better which is good.

Second is the bed. We got her a big girl bed during the time we were potty training her. Now I didn't do this with Austen. I waited about two months after he was potty trained but Peyton had been waking up pretty consistently throughout the night since Oct. so I figured we were already not getting a full night sleep what is one more thing to add to it. Austen wasn't that great in the transition to the bed thing. He wanted us to be in his room or right outside his door and Peyton is the same way. Wants the light on, a drink of water, has to go to the bathroom, etc. I am slowly remembering that Austen did much of the same. But I'm older now and probably wiser and a little less tolerant of this going on for 45 minutes. We're still trying to test what the perfect solution to her resistance to bedtime is and hopefully it's not just letting her grow out of it!

Third is that she's a tough girl. She likes to rough house with her brother already. Just today she got sent to timeout for hitting him and then biting him! She can certainly make him cry. And when you try to punish her for it she gives you a laugh and thinks it's all funny. Putting lemon juice in her mouth like we did with Austen doesn't revoke any reaction from her in fact when we threaten her with it, she asks for it. I think we might need to switch our strategy on that one!

Fourth, she's into everything. She's taking stools and chairs and climbing up on them to reach items. Think the top of her dresser in her bedroom to reach the Kleenex that she wants to tear up or the kitchen counter to get the remote to turn on the music. I'm almost afraid to leave her in her room by herself because I don't know what she's going to do now! I think I need to invest in one of those video monitors because this is what I came down to when she was supposed to be taking a nap! (Hint: her drawers and bed are usually not this messy!)

It gets easier right?! I know it does but right now she's giving us a run for our money.


  • Ah, Peyton! It looks like she may have taken some lessons from her cousin Luke! You just have to love a little person with personality and spunk!! Hang in there! They say tough little ones makes easy teenagers!

    By Blogger Busy Mom, at 7:29 AM  

  • i was just "passing by" your kids are too cute and that Peyton seems like she is FULL of personality! with a 4.8 year old and a 15 month old i KNOW im "in for it" because the oldest was too easy, never really had terrible two or any other problems so im sure the little one is going to give me fits! :o)


    By Blogger ALArms Photography, at 12:01 PM  

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