Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, July 11, 2010

6 1/2 Months

I can't believe that Peyton has been with us for more than half the year already. Pretty soon we'll be celebrating her first birthday! There are a lot of milestones to go before we get to that point but a lot that she has hit already.

She started baby food about a month or so ago. Cereal at first and then she moved through the veggies. Now she's on her fruits. So far, she's liked them all and hasn't really shown a preference for one over the other. The only thing that she did show was a voracious appetite. She can pretty much eat a whole container of fruit/veggie with cereal and at least two ounces of formula at one sitting! She's like a little bird who keeps opening her mouth for more!

She's also really started to notice Adler now that she can sit up. She is very tactile and likes to reach and grab for many items including Adler's fur. Adler, ever the great dog, doesn't mind either. She either moves or takes an opportunity to get her licks in on Peyton (literally).

Peyton has also taken to the beach well. She loves the water and playing with sand toys, eating sand and of course napping!

Now that she's six months, they also say the color of her eyes are less likely to change. Well, since she's been born they just keep getting bluer like her Daddy's. Check out little blue eyes!

Next week we go for her check up so we'll see how much she weighs and how much she grew. It's amazing how she's transformed in just over six months. These next six months, she'll be crawling and maybe walking too. Lots to look forward to!


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