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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Austen Trick or Treating Update and Birthdays

Well, it was a two hour trip (bad traffic) out to the suburbs on Halloween for Austen to trick or treat with his cousins but it was worth every minute spent in the car. Austen would only put his costume on and go trick or treating with his cousins. He showed his grandmas the costume a few times before but would not keep it on for any extended period of time so I didn't know how this was really going to go.

But when asked if he wanted to trick or treat with his cousins, he put it right on and hurried out the door to catch up with them. His oldest cousin Mia, took him around and showed him the ropes. He did so great holding her hand and going up to houses with her. The biggest challenge was probably those extra large front steps he had to manage but Mia was sweet, telling him he didn't have to climb them and she would get the candy for him. I swear Austen probably went to about 15-20 houses and was so beat after about an hour and a half that his dad had to carry him back. Dad's reward - Austen's great big pumpkin full of candy.

Also, happy birthday today to my nephew Luke. We share the same birthday and we even finally got a picture together this summer. Here's hoping that 1 and 35 are great years for us!


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