Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Adler Gets Sprayed by Skunk

So the night we came back from vacation, we went to pick Adler up at my mom's house. I entered her backyard and Adler, who was playing out back, came bounding over. I was glad to see her and wanted to give her a nice big I miss you hug and kiss but I quickly backed away when she got close. I smelled skunk. My mom came out of the house moments later and I said "Adler smells like skunk." She must've thought I said it smells like skunk out here because she replied that they had been smelling skunks a lot in the neighborhood lately. I said, "No, Adler got sprayed!" "Really?" she said, "Because I just let her out and she didn't smell bad before." Well, in the 15 or so minutes before we got there and Adler was let out, she sure got sprayed by a skunk. Right on top of her head. We had to drive all the way home with the windows down and when we got home, we had to bathe her outside.

I bet you're wondering what we used. Well, it wasn't tomato juice which I heard doesn't work and leaves your pet red if he/she has any white fur. It was some other potion I got off the Internet. But, it didn't work. She still smelled bad. Apparently, Adler thought so too because the next day when I got home from work, her fur was all over our house. She couldn't stand the smell of herself either so she ripped out big chunks of her fur. That's when I paid money for another potion on the Internet. This time, it worked a lot better.

Today, she still smells a bit like skunk but at least I can pet her without my eyes watering.

Photo: Adler shortly after she got sprayed by a skunk and moments after she punctured my mom's kickball she had for Austen.


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