Three Kids and a Dog

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leaving for Las Vegas

Well as John Denver would say, "All my bags are packed now and I'm ready to go..."

It's that time of year that I dread. When my work calls for me to be gone for an entire week from Austen and Adler. In fact, I leave in a few hours. This morning, I lingered a little longer in bed with Austen and spent an extra hour with him before he had to be at school. I think he could sense I was leaving because he was unusually clingy and defiant this morning. It took me forever to get him out of the house and when I dropped him off in his classroom, my big boy who typically marches right in, clung to me crying. I silently berated myself for being selfish and not letting him follow his normal morning routine with him kissing me goodbye at home and Tom dropping him off at school. But I wanted that last hour with him.

I know he'll be fine. I'm sure he'll say mommy a lot (at least I hope he does) and when I come home, I know he'll probably give me the cold shoulder for a little while before running to me. I am counting the days til then. In the meantime, I'm posting one of my favorite videos of Austen so that I can see him when I'm gone. It's his first pony ride. He loved it and kept saying, "more!"

As for Adler, she got an extra long walk this morning by herself and lots of hugs and kisses. I don't think she thought anything was unusual until I pulled out the suitcase. She's been more mopey since that came out. But I did tell her she doesn't have to go anywhere, it's just me and she can sleep on my side of the bed if Tom will let her (fat chance of that)!

Good luck, Tom. I'm sure all my coworkers will be asking who is taking care of Austen (and Adler) and I will proudly reply you. There aren't too many men who can take care of their children for a whole week by themselves. I'm glad I found one of them.


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