Three Kids and a Dog

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adler Trick or Treats at CarX

Adler's trick or treating started early. Our local CarX is very pet friendly and they give big bone treats to dogs that stop by. They always have their doors open in the warmer months so when we walk by the store, she pulls me in and sits in front of the desk until they produce a dog treat. She then does one of two things - stands on her hind paws to reach it or rests her front paws on the desk and grabs it ever so gently from their hands before breaking it into a million little pieces and making a mountain of crumbs all over their nice white tile floor.

This week, she dragged me in there and as sometimes happens there was no one at the front desk to dispense any treats. Noticing this, she then proceeded to lay on the floor in front of the desk to wait. A couple waiting for their car looked at me quizically. I just had to shrug my shoulders and proclaim, "They give treats here." It took me another few minutes to convince Adler that the treat that I had in my pocket was much better than the one she wasn't going to get today from CarX and we went on our way.


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