Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, July 14, 2008

Adler Shows Her Teeth

Well, we knew at some point it would come to this. No, our dear, sweet Adler didn't bite Austen (although I admit that sometimes I wish she would give Austen a little nip when he pulls her tail or kicks her in the head, but she just takes it from him -what a good dog).

At any rate, Austen, Adler and I were out for a walk on Sunday morning fairly early and I notice a guy that I used to take the bus with sitting in a car waiting for his friend to come out of the local convenience store. He sees me and gets out of his car to come and say hi. Unlike most strangers who admire Adler first, he goes right up to Austen and starts talking to him. Adler,who had been hanging back, suddenly is right beside Austen and barking like crazy at this guy who was talking to Austen. The guy backs off and like a little mother, Adler has protected her young.

Although I hushed Adler and told her it was okay, I later praised her for her protective instinct. I mean how often is it that you find a dog that allows a toddler to tug, pull and prod her and then turn around and protect the very child who torments her?


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