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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July

This year, I surprised everyone and took my son to the parade. Nevermind that my popular refrain about parades was, “you’ve seen one parade, you’ve seen them all.” Or that I actually drove to the suburb I lived in for almost 15 years to see their 4th of July parade when I never did get around to going to it when I lived there. I guess that’s the stuff that changes when you have kids.

Let me just say, I loved the parade! Mostly because Austen loved the parade and it was just a gorgeous day to be outside. Austen loved the fire trucks and picking up the candy they threw off the street and putting it in his bag. He also loved waving his flag and being able to run around the closed off street before the parade actually started and then again when there were some gaps in between.

It actually felt like the 4th of July this year because we went to the parade. So I think we’ll do it again next year too. Maybe we’ll even choose a different suburban parade to attend until we move out there and can claim one as our own.


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