Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Adler Just Takes It

Lately, Austen has really been developing his own little personality and that includes playing independently with Adler. You can tell Austen loves Adler but now is the time when we have to teach him to be gentle with her.

The other morning he pulled her ear and she yelped - that's the first time he's made her yelp - but he's also pulled some fur out of her coat and tried to pull her tail. Usually Adler just takes it or she just gets up and moves. I feel bad for Adler so we've been giving her lots of extra attention and lots of praise when she doesn't react to Austen.

Austen's latest "I'm going to bother Adler" move is sitting down next to her with his back to her when she's laying down and then leaning back and falling on her. Good thing she's a big dog and can take it because a little dog wouldn't stand a chance with our little boy!

Watch them "play" below which includes Austen getting knocked down by Adler, Austen trying to grab Adler's fur and some good old fashioned dog and boy playing.


  • cute stuff as usual. Funny how Austen goes right for the gate.

    By Blogger Perry, at 9:51 AM  

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