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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Austen and Adler's Bedtime Ritual

One of the differences, in my opinion, between boys and girls is how much they enjoy having books read to them. Being a book lover, I looked forward to reading Austen books and have since he was a baby. But now that he is more active and can walk, he doesn't want to just sit down and have you read him a bedtime story. He'd much rather you play with him or that he chase Adler around his room when he's supposed to be settling down to sleep.

You'd think that this new bedtime ritual would have him all riled up when it comes time to go to bed but it can have just the opposite effect. Usually it tires him out and he sleeps very soundly. Of course it tires Adler out too and she usually doesn't move very much til the next morning so Tom and I have the rest of the evening all to ourselves!

I would have posted some video of this ritual and still can if there's interest but my little guy is growing up so quick and wanted to share a recent shot that shows just how 'old' he's getting.


  • I'd love to see the video of the bedtime ritual

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:27 PM  

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