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Monday, February 26, 2007

Adler and I have a Talk

Yes, that's right. On Friday, Adler and I had a talk about being good. You see Tom went skiing for the weekend with his friends and so it was just Austen, Adler and I. That meant that I had to manage both of them including getting Adler out for her walks even when the weather was less than desirable as it was in Chicago this past weekend.

Let me just preface this by saying once again that I have to get all of my clothes on first - boots, coat, hat and grab my keys and cell phone as well as get Adler's collar on grab some treats and bags for her and then finally get Austen all bundled up to go outside. If I'm lucky, I get this all done in about five minutes without Austen screaming his head off.

Saturday - the bad weather hasn't hit yet in the morning so we bundle Austen up in his big, green snowsuit and tuck him snuggly in the Bugaboo. Adler walks like a champ next to the stroller for most of the way. I learn that it's not good to have her leash on the same hand that's on the stroller as sudden jerks of movement by Adler cause the Bugaboo to veer off course. Saturday evening the snow was starting to come down so we did a quick walk around the block and I promise Adler a longer walk on Sunday so we can get Austen out of the cold.

Sunday - Sunday comes and it's raining. Once again I promise Adler a longer walk later which she doesn't exactly get but she does get to romp in my mom's backyard in the snow for about 30 minutes which she absolutely loved. I think this more than made up for her short walks because as soon as we got home Sunday evening, the fresh air and the snow really got and she was fast asleep.

We got this breed for several reasons and Adler lived up to all of them this weekend including:

1. they are good with kids - my neices love her and named all their stuffed dogs Adler.

2. they are good-looking dogs - we still get stopped by people commenting about her beauty!

3. they are good dogs and easy to train - as evidenced this weekend.

We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Thanks, Addie!


  • I was cracking up at this photo! I love Addie. She's so good with Austen. Don't forget that you have your babysitting coupon to redeem. I'll watch both of them!

    By Blogger The Bachelorette, at 9:14 PM  

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