Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Austen's Puppy

So how is Austen's puppy, Adler, doing? Many of you have asked me this question. She's doing fine. Again, not all that interested in Austen but she does like to give him lots of "kisses." In fact, Tom and I don't even have to give Austen a bath most days because Adler loves to lick his head and his hands!

When Austen cries, Adler retreats to the other room as if to say, "You're interrupting my beauty sleep." But when people come to visit, she's more than happy to receive Austen's share of the attention. Good thing our friends and family like Adler because she is relentless in demanding attention from anyone who comes over.

Just last week she emptied out her entire toy box on our friend Perry's lap - trying to get him to play with her. Sorry, Perry, you didn't know you were coming over to play with our dog!


  • Oh, I didn't mind. Adler's a real hoot. And Austen is just a few months out of my high-scoring demographic.

    By Blogger Perry, at 4:14 PM  

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