Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not Much Time Left with Adler and Austen

Well, the countdown has begun. My time at home with Adler and Austen is almost over. Next Thursday, April 5th, I'm back to work. I'm sure Adler will relish the peacefulness. She won't have to find a quiet place to sleep anymore when Austen cries - at least during the day. But I am sure she will miss:

  • all those walks that the three of us went on - especially when it was nice weather.

  • the extra treats I gave her during the day (maybe she will lose those 10 pounds after all when I go back to work).

  • our playtime when Austen was asleep - playing fetch with her stuffed birthday cake or her favorite black cat.

  • doing tummytime with Austen and keeping him entertained.

  • licking Austen's feet, hands and head.

  • and, just always knowing I was close by to give her a pat on the head or any attention she needed.

But, I will be the first one home to give her a walk - just her and I - most days. So she will have her own time with just me. I'm sure she's looking forward to that.


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