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Monday, February 11, 2019

Will You Be Mine?

Working on his Valentine's cookies
Yesterday, was the usual day of running errands and getting ready for the week ahead. Haircuts for the girls, grocery shopping, sport practice drop offs/pick ups, etc. But, yesterday we had a new errand to run and it was for Valentine's Day.

Austen has been talking a lot about wanting to buy something for a special someone (who shall remain nameless to protect my promise to never reveal who she is to another soul). He started out wanting to get her a card then it progressed to a flower and then to a bracelet or a necklace. Of course he's discussing these ideas with friends who also plan to get the girls they like special gifts too. However, not wanting to scare this girl off (in case she just saw him as a friend), I suggested keeping it a little lighter. He found a card that said:

You're smart,
You're cool,
You're fun,
You're kind,

Now you've officially been Valentined!

Not too deep and nothing too revealing. He purchased some candy, made some homemade sugar cookies and frosted/decorated them for her, and put it all in a cute Valentine's basket along with a super cute little stuffed animal.

He's not sure how he wants to deliver it. Ring the doorbell and run, maybe?! He did sign his name to the card though so she would know it was him. He contemplated having Hailey ring the doorbell and hand it to her (she wouldn't know who Hailey was but she would recognize Peyton). So we're still working that one out.

I did ask him the tough question of - what if she doesn't like you like that? He said, that's okay, mom. And, I said, well, she might not and she might like someone else but I'm proud of you for putting yourself out there and wanting to give something to someone you like without expecting anything in return. He just smiled.

He says she's kind. So I hope whatever happens, she's kind with his heart even if she doesn't want to be his Valentine.

Don't take my picture Mom!
The final products! She's not a soccer player...


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