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Friday, December 28, 2018

Xmas 2018

Christmas 2018 came and went oh so quickly. And to think we had an extra week built in there too and it still wasn't enough. Our family loves the holiday season, from cutting down our tree to making Xmas cookies, to seeing lights to listening to Christmas music nonstop (in fact Austen would often fall asleep to Xmas music every night).

Christmas Day
Christmas Eve was a great time at Grandma's house with the kids' new little cousin, Leo. They got lots of presents and stayed up late. Too late in fact so that the two younger ones were quite worried that we would get home when Santa was delivering the presents (and for some reason they didn't want to run into him!). But, we made it in time:)

We hosted Christmas Day for 16 people so lots of cooking and prep work to be done amidst opening presents and church. Favorite gift for the kids was the Nintendo Switch which they can all play together. As I write this 3 days later, Tom and I still haven't opened our presents to each other.  They remain under the tree as after hosting Christmas, we rolled right into Peyton's birthday party at our house for 11 of her friends (but I'll write more about that in a future post). It's been a crazy and tiring but a good few days as we also prepare to move into our house in Michigan (which is now complete).

So lots to write about in future posts as it's been a very busy season. But, before we go there here's a snapshot of our Christmas festivities:

Xmas Morning
Xmas Eve at Grandma's

Hailey's Dino Scarf and Hat

Cousin Love!

More Cousin Love and Sadie!


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