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Sunday, January 27, 2019

I Wish I Was Good

For her First Communion last spring, we gave Peyton a cute, little prayer box so she could write down her prayers and place in the box for safe keeping. Every so often, I check these prayers to see who she is praying for these days.

Of course, the usuals - mommy, daddy and Sadie (no mention of Austen or Hailey. Hmmm).
Children (yes, good).
The boy in the novel she was reading (okay).
The Army (good one).
Maddox (my friend's son who passed away in October).
Uncle Wally and Mrs. Case (her great uncle and religious ed teacher who was sick)
Mushers (she loves Alaska and the Iditarod).
Musher dogs (huskies in the Iditarod race).
Her swim team coaches (proof she loved swimming but still doesn't want to swim again next summer).
Animals (yes, especially in these frigid temperatures).

And then amongst her prayers, I found one that said "I wish I was good."
No idea when she wrote this but my guess is that it was pretty recent as she's been in fine form lately - teasing her sister, tattling on her brother.

But I was still pretty impressed that she wanted to be good. Don't we all, Peyton? Don't we all?


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