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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

We Love The Bears

It's been a fun year to watch the Chicago Bears play football. With a new coach in Matt Nagy who runs some crazy, fun plays, covers his mouth with his play sheet while swearing at the refs or just joking around with the media, he's really breathed some new life back into our good old football team.

It's been great fun for the entire family to pile into the family room, light a fire and snuggle up together to watch the Bears games. Even the girls have gotten into watching them (even though Hailey declares her favorite team to be the Dolphins).

Recently, we had gone out to eat before the Bears game came on and the managers insisted on taking our picture as we were all decked out in our Bears gear. The girls both wearing hand me down Bears shirts from Austen, Tom in his longtime gear and Austen and I just sporting blue and orange (guess who needs some new Bears gear for Xmas?!).

The last time the Bears were in the Superbowl was when Austen was born in 2007. They played the Patriots. Here's hoping 12 years is a long enough time for them to rebuild and wreak some havoc!


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