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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We Escaped the Blizzard!

By chance a bad snowstorm was headed toward Chicago right when we were scheduled to fly out to Arizona for one of Austen's soccer tournaments. On Thursday night, flights were already being cancelled or delayed and although our 5am flight had yet to be canceled we worried that half of Austen's team wouldn't make it to Arizona in time for our first game (and, if you don't have enough players you can't play).

That didn't happen though. Our flight left on time at 5am and we drove through several inches of snow covering the highways at 2:30am just to catch our flight. We weren't the only dedicated ones. The rest of Austen's team battled through delayed and cancelled flights but all made it to Phoenix by 2am on Saturday.

Our reward was the near perfect 80 degree weather. And, it helped too that the boys played hard - knocking off a #7 ranked Colorado team 6-1 (but then losing a tough one to the #2 ranked team in the country) before trampling the #7 ranked Arizona/#40 ranked national team 4-1.

As usual, Austen had a great time with his teammates. Typically it's just me and him that attend these tournaments but this time we decided to bring the entire family despite Austen's protests. Hailey did great. Peyton complained a lot (when she wasn't at the pool) and Tom enjoyed getting to know the parents on a different level than just during our regular league play. We took the kids to the Grand Canyon (the day before the bad helicopter crash that made national news); toured Old Scottsdale and checked out Arizona State University (where their Grandma Lou went to college).

It was a short but fun trip for all and somehow we missed the foot of snow that fell back home in Chicago and got lucky with no flight delays or cancellations. I think that means we were meant to go away!

Teammates but also great friends!

That's Austen dribbling and just missing the goal.

Peyton's note to us at the end of the trip because she demanded to not be left behind once again while Austen goes "on vacation" but yet she did a lot of whining!

Having fun at the pool!

This was their reward for watching soccer.


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